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Newman Print & Plastics Ltd

At Newman Print & Plastics Ltd. we have all you need when it comes to PVC and Polypropylene presentation products.


Since its formation it has earned a reputation for completing projects and contracts on time and to customers exacting requirements. Newman Print & Plastics Ltd. only employs dedicated and professional people, using state of the art technology, with a work philosophy of continuous development and customer satisfaction. This approach has led to an impressive long term client portfolio which now includes leading private companies, semi-State organisations and local authorities. We have an excellent reputation for quality and customer service, and are well known in the industry for being innovative and design-led.

Customer Service:

We are continuously striving to achieve the best possible levels of service and are regularly monitoring our performance. We understand the importance of deadlines - our internal systems are set up to ensure that all deadlines are met.

Design & Repro:

Newmans are one of the most innovative and design led companies in Europe within our industry. We regularly produce new, free of charge designs for our customers, either from specific briefs or starting from a blank sheet. Our systems enables us to fine-tune new designs and to provide exact prototypes well before a product goes into production. Once a design has been finalised the cutter guide can then be forwarded to you to lay artwork to and send back in a variety of formats to print. Our repro studio is kitted out with the latest in Apple Mac software and we are always available for any questions, that you may have.


Newmans Print & Plastics Ltd. Ardbeg House Ardbeg Park Artane , Dublin Phone: (01) 8478731 Fax: (01) 8478986 E-Mail:



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